Monday, September 24, 2007

Wake up and smell this coffee

As the city's planning committee considers new restrictions on building drive-throughs in London because the old rules "were formed in an era before drive-throughs became such a dominant sight," some councillors would prefer an outright ban… including David Winninger.

"They don't serve any useful social purpose," he said.
Neither do planning committees or David Winninger, as far as one can tell, but then we're not given a choice in those matters. And nor, apparently, are we allowed to form our own society amongst ourselves according to our own purposes without their stamp of approval. One can foresee the day when make-work social assessments join make-work environmental assessments on the list of regulatory hurdles that anyone must pass before building anything that other people might want by their own accord.

Winninger continues:
"I wish the drive-through could go the way of the drive-in."
How simple is such a wish when only 18 people get to decide upon it for the 340,000 others who keep them going.


Jake said...

David Winninger is just spewing his usual NDP tripe. This guy has never proposed anything at city hall that doesn't involve some kind of socialist agenda.

But the gullible people of Old South keep electing him time and time again.

Anonymous said...

So, Daddy never took little Davey to A&W? So the rest of us must suffer?