Sunday, September 2, 2007

intellectually rationalizing the irrational

Stefan Molyneux illustrates that following the logic of your professors in practice results in poor grades and irate hypocrites. A highly recommended account of a student who paid attention despite the efforts of his educators. READ.

Every time I tried to put into practice what my professors taught me, I was violently punished. It took me a long time to figure out what was going on – I did not have the cynicism to ascribe it merely to a corrupt form of fraud – but eventually I think I came up with something useful.

The most fundamental barrier to the spread of libertarian ideas is this terrifying gap between theory and practice. "Theory" describes a vague, almost Platonic realm, while "practice" describes merely pragmatic actions in the present.

[..] The most important lesson my experiences in university taught me is that no one has a clue about ethics. What people really do is repeat the nonsense that they have been told in order to get the things that they want. Professors spout the most irrational nonsense about subjectivity and relativism and argue that destruction equals wealth because if they do, they get to be professors. Court toadies praise the king not because the king is praiseworthy, but because if they do, they get to be court toadies. Rappers have a "posse" due to their wealth, not due to their virtue.

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Elaine said...

Mike you are a war monger. You have created dissent amongst the London commie folk, by making one of them think. They are swearing and saying words like fuck ,and stuff like that, coz they are all mad.

It is so much fun to watch.



Submitted by Jeff P. on September 2, 2007 - 9:07am.
I understand what you are doing here Jer. You are using an event that has happened recently to establish an argument for free speech. The ideas published on that site were a blatant example of hate material. What about the not so obvious hate material? Please consider a few things that you have also accomplished with this post:

1) You have promoted the London Fog, a hateful website. They hate poor people and anyone else who does not 'wake up to the fact' that white male priviledge is an illusion. They also believe that every person has an equal opportunity in this country. They also believe that war mongering is justified as long as it is against Muslims. They also believe that current environmental destruction is a hoax and that our ecosystem is just fine (they promote exponential increases in consumption because It is good for our economy)...WTF?

2) You have made it seem you are buddies with Mike from that hateful website. Are you? WTF?

3) You have promoted FreeDominon, a massive online hate fest... WTF?

4) We are all racists in one form or another. If we don't address that in ourselves first how can we possibly expect racists, like the one's outlined in your article, to confront their hateful ideas. Your outlined examples of online racism and arguments that follow, look to me like tokenism. WTF?

Sorry Jer. You really need to check yourself on this one. Your reasoning behind this post confuses the shit out of me. What was your intention with this? Are you advocating libertarian ideals? Are you voting for the Freedom Party in October?

Seriously Jeremy, What The Fuck?


PS - Trev, let Jer respond for himself.