Saturday, September 22, 2007

Health Care Debate, Provincial Election 2007: Part 2

Here's Part 2 of Wednesday's all-candidates health care debate. This episode asks the question, "How will your party ensure adequate funding for London's teaching hospitals?" Answering the question are Progressive Conservative Jim Chapman and Freedom Party's Paul McKeever.

Everyone who can vote for any of these people should be at LOLA, so this is the last video for today. Last night we dug Grizzly Bear, Carolyn Mark, and Old Man Luedecke. The Victoria Park bandshell has never looked so good.Tonight should make the people sway with Torngat, Hylozoists, and many others, all free and live in Victoria Park and in surrounding venues.

Update -- A previous edition of the video for this post, up for an hour or two this afternoon, was misleading.

I got clips mixed up while editing down, and the result made it appear as if a candidate completely ignored a question. That answer was, of course, to a different question, so it will appear in its proper context soon.

Thank you to commenter jonathan for inspiring me to double-check, and unreserved apologies to misrepresented candidate Deb Matthews.


Anonymous said...

A quick note to Mike: The overlay for the Jim Chapman segment says "London West". Actually, Chapman is running in London Fanshawe, not London West. The London West PC candidate did not attend the health care debate.

Mike said...

Thanks a lot! Corrected.