Friday, September 21, 2007

Health Care Debate, Provincial Election 2007: Part 1

A two-hour all-candidates' debate was held at the LHSC University Hospital here in London on Wednesday, September 19. Eleven were on the stage; multiple candidates appeared from the Liberals, PCs, and Greens, along with singletons from Freedom Party, the NDP, and an independent candidate of whom no more shall be said because he seems like a good guy.

This part features introductions.

There are six parts to this series and they will be posted over the next days. Each part is on a question from the moderator or an audience member. You will see the Freedom Party's Paul McKeever's answer, and the answer of another candidate from another party. We invite omitted candidates to answer the same questions, or any other, in the comments. If there is a massive groundswell to hear everybody, the definitions of "massive" and "groundswell" to be defined retroactively, then maybe I'll post the whole thing; but why spend the last weekend of summer sitting through five different plans for building a skyscraper in ideological defiance of gravity -- let alone uploading them!

In fact, if you live in London, this is no time to be watching Internet videos or stewing about pyramid schemes at all -- shouldn't you -- I -- be at LOLA?