Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fringe is as fringe sees it

The view from the London Free Press:

Congratulations Paul McKeever, leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario, you've been a great contestant on the London West episode of Ontario Election Idol. And as a special parting gift you will receive one notice of your existence in our newspaper.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming, as our two well-endowed contestants show off their big, bouncing electoral goodies to compete for the crown in Who Wants To Be A Premier? As for those of you whose tastes in politics might run a little less toward pageantry and more toward knowing what your candidate actually believes in and would do in office, you'll be officially on your own now as far as the Free Press is concerned.

Watch for the upcoming London Fog interview with Paul McKeever

Update, September 6: Oops, I'm 0-fer on Free Press predictions. McKeever receives good coverage in this article on a local all-candidates debate.

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Temujin said...

Could McKeever come to Smithers, BC?

Please? Pretty Please?