Saturday, September 29, 2007

End carbon discrimination!

We don't sequester other elements…

Via Tim Blair


Temujin said...

Now that's a revolution I can get behind.

eng said...

The revolution will be on Youtube.

I thought we do sequester elements. Such as Uranium, Plutonium, Polonium, Radium, Radon. All those kind of elements.

But CO2 is not an element anyway. It is a compound.

Smart said...

I am one of the regular readers.
But this is just my first comment to your blog, and
sorry for distrubing by posting this comment
which subject is not direcly concerned to your post.
Just asking Help. HELP!!
"OUR CUNNING MILITARY Government is killing his people and
showing fake evidence by using armed force and saying skyful of lies to UN and World.
Pls help in revealing the truth as you can.
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Anonymous said...

elaine, you should be able to help that desperate individual.

Tell them to slap "Support Our Troops" on the back of all government vehicles and put it on the taxpayers' dime.

That's the way it's done in London, Ontario.

Elaine said...

Butch, get over it.

My word of advice to this poor lad or lady is to ditch the Ghandi thing. They must have been reading your socialist site Butch.

How bright is it to go up against a military of fanatical fuckwits who have guns, holding hands singing "cum-bi-ya".

Get into the jungles fashion some spears, pick up every rock you can find and give it all you got.

Butch McLarty said...

Right, elaine.

Get into the jungles, fashion some spears, pick up every rock you can find and give it all you got."

That's the advice I gave to you a few years ago when Councillor Miller was sticking it to you in the FP and at Planning Committee, remember?

But what did you do? You pulled an Orser and ran home, baked her a cake, drove over to her house and offered to be her personal slave for a week.

Let's be honest. You're a shoe-shine girl who's all talk and no action.

Elaine said...

Butch, that isn't very ambassadory of you is it? You might need to get me onside of one of the stupid projects city council wants to foist on us taxpayers.

You need to be practising your diplomatic skills. Why don't you go out to Walmart and purchase one of those talking care bears.