Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dusting Off The HRC

The biggest issue however, is the slippery slope. I'm worried that by letting the government censor one kind of expression, it'll be easier for the government to start censoring others. I'm worried that it will become against the law to advocate things like general strikes, revolt and civil disobediance. Many of the ideas and values that I express regularly are very unpopular. I'd rather not go to jail for them if it can be helped.
A defence of freedom of speech clearly argued by Jeremy. By the way, advocating revolt is against the law, but against criminal law, with proceedings at least subject to rules of evidence.

A thought experiment; someone please tell me where I go off the tracks here.

If I believed we were living in a fascist capitalist regime, then I wouldn't for one minute want the puppet pseudo-democracy appointing Human Rights Commissions punishing people for their attitudes and their faux pas against the media-generated moral hysterias of the day. Why would I want racist corporate minions to have that power?

Why would I as a progressive want to give the oligarchy a tool like that? As someone with unpopular progressive ideas, I would want the bar on actionable speech to be high. I'd want the rules of evidence, logic, and proportion respected in the action, lest one day my Indymedia cell be fined and disbanded for alluding to the hate-saturated Ameriphobic/Zionophobic theories of N**m Ch****y a little too directly.


Fenris Badwulf said...

I know why, Mike. Because out there is some ambitious statist who likes how you think, because people that can think are thin on the ground in his realm. So, our hypothetical statist is looking for talent. You have talent, Mike. So why not come on over to the dark side? It is cool in the summer and warm in winter. You can be as libertarian as you want in your own cozy little satrapate. Execute who you want for whatever reason you think reasonable. Or just lock them in a cage over the main street for people to throw fruit at. Make them memorize the Fountainhead before you let them see sunlight again. You know best, and our hypothetical statist needs sharp minds like yours.

It is time to sell out, Mike. Maybe someone else close to you is on the verge of selling out. That would leave you stuck in a tumbrill going to see Madame Guillotine. Too bad, you lose! So, maybe you should think about watching the guillotine, rather than experiencing it. Just a thought, Mike.

Hypothetically speaking, what is your price? What do you want? Hmmm?

basil said...

What the Fuck, Mike, are you turning into some kind of fucking Communist?!?

You're mentioning the names of people and websites who don't whole heartedly adhere to the dogma. Is it true? Are Coke and Pepsi really owned by the same person?

Why are you fucking with our heads like this?

Mike said...

Remember, comrades, your resolution must never falter. No argument must lead you astray. Never listen when they tell you that the Man and the London Fog have a common interest, that the prosperity of the one is the prosperity of the others. It is all lies. The Man serves the interests of no creature except himself. And among us London Fog agitators let there be perfect unity, perfect comradeship in the struggle. The Man is the enemy. All London Fog content providers are comrades.

Elaine said...

Mike, I want to put a complaint in about you sleeping with the enemy...namely the London commie, goes by the name of Jeremy. Typical commie name if I ever heard one. Everyone knows that London commie folks have cooties.

They all fight like pussies over on the London commie site.

Who is the head honcho, the dictator so to speak on this site?

I want something more than the last time I put a complaint in. An anonymous person wrote back and told me if I didn't like it, I could fuck right off.

Is that anyway to be the last bastion of freedom of speech? If you can't control the content on this site, how do you ever expect to take over the world, and enslave the sheeples?

Elaine said...

Could someone out there in London fogland take this poor whining fool out and get him drunk, perhaps hook him up with your spinster aunt for a mercy screw? The poor lad is still going on about pussies.

Is the use of the word ‘pussy’ in context to cowardice in our modern society between adults degrading towards women?-Ron Logan pussified fellow (London commie site)

elaine said...

It is very hard to follow the logic on the London commie's site recent drama. I don't think logic exist at the commie site to tell you the truth. Apparently a female can call a male a pussy, and that makes her assertive. A man can't call another man a pussy because that makes the pussy caller a female hater. A man can call another man a pig, because that is in their commie charter of rights. I kind of like it that a female can do anything and they will grovel at our feet. If we do murder for instance... it is because some man made us do it. I imagine if you got caught up in that utter nonsense, you would come to believe it....eventually.