Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Via Little Green Footballs, some video coverage of flamboyant Washington DC protesters singing songs, banging some drums and shouting for the impeachment of George Bush. Not for one minute does one get the impression that these protesters appreciate the fact that they can gather in the capital to protest their government without being imprisoned or beaten to death. I'm certainly no apologist for government, big or small, but I'd rather live in North America than say Iran, Russia, Zimbabwe or Venezuela, to name just a few countries where you learn to shut your mouth before it is shut for you against your will.

Among the groups coming out to voice their discontent were HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive). A quick google search delivered their home page and curiously this story, covered by the Washington Post, featured on HIPS homepage:

Tens of thousands of condoms provided free by the District to curb HIV-AIDS have been returned to the health department because of complaints that their paper packaging is easily damaged and could render the condoms ineffective.

Demand at two distribution sites in Southeast set up by nonprofit groups plummeted more than 80 percent after the condoms, in a mustard-yellow and purple wrapper, were introduced this year. More than 2,000 packets a week were scooped up in mid-March, but by late May, only 400 were being given away each week.

[..] In addition, expiration dates on some of the Chinese-made condoms were illegible.

[..] The city health department apparently does not consider the situation a problem.

"To date, we have not received any substantive complaints," spokeswoman Leila Abrar said in a statement, which says that the District has given out nearly 650,000 condoms since February through partnerships with 50 organizations.
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Honey Pot said...

650,000 condoms since Feb this year? That is one whack of wild monkey dancing going on.

It amazes me how dumb these protesters are. They just don't seem to understand that the reason the civlized world is at war with the barbarians is because of them. The barbarians wouldn't be so pissed off, and want to take us out, if it weren't for what they see as the decadent and evil ways of the left. The left don't seem to understand we have brave men and women fighting for the left's idiot rights, to be useless idiots.

I oftern wonder what would happen if the USA and Canada just left. Fought it here on our soil. That would never cross the mind of the cowardly left.

They truly believe they can negotiate with islamic terrorist. I can just see it...."if I pray five times a day and beat up women of the night, will allah give me permission to bum fuck twice a week?"

morons, the lot of them