Monday, September 17, 2007

Dirty Briefs

Yet another make-work project is underway in London: in the name of 'fairness', London rulers are now sifting through a barrage of applications submitted by groups looking to fly their flag alongside the rainbow approved one. If council truly wanted to celebrate their commitment to inclusionary exclusionary diversity, they would simply fly one red flag:

As predicted by Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, city council is starting to get requests to fly flags at city hall after council voted to fly the Gay Pride flag. In a letter to council, Pastor Troy Dingwell of the King Street Congregational Church of London complained gay groups are getting "special treatment" and said Christian groups should have the same right to have their flags flown. Clerk Kevin Bain advised the board of control yesterday that city staff is working on a report on how other cities handle the flag-flying issue.
In other news, a collective group of artists from Argentina are here in London to 'beautify' a portion of the Galleria:
Starting today and continuing for the next two weeks, six Argentine muralists and three from Vancouver will put their talents to work on the street, bringing beauty and visual interest to the bland brick tunnel on King Street between Clarence and Wellington streets.

[..] Art is a mainly a solitary pursuit in Canada, said Curtis-Norcross, adding "there's a big public art movement in Argentina."

[Coun. Judy] Bryant said the project is an example of what the city could be supporting with a public arts policy soon to receive consideration.

Maria Sansotta, an Argentinian journalist, said the artists plan to paint a mural with a message of liberty, equality and fraternity "between the north and south."
Unlike individuals who support "solitary" artists with their own earnings, Londoners might soon be forced to pay for collective expressions of creativity whether they like it or not.


Elaine said...

....hahahahahaha, and the same idiots who demanded the gay flag be flown, are now all in a tail spin because a motion is being put forward to spend a thousand bucks on yellow ribbons to support our troops to be put on fire trucks and stuff.

Perhaps if the soldiers were all gay, Eagle and Whinnegar could support them. They said supported them, but then they said they don't support what they do. Maybe they just support the gay soldiers. Who knows what goes through these lefties minds.

It is funny the churches wanting their flags flown,just shows you there is more than one way to skin a cat. It is going to cost a whack of dosh in the courts, but it is the principal of the thing they will say. I won't be surprised if the hezzasshole faction here in town put in a request to fly their flag. The socialist on city council would be clapping their hands to that one. Oh well the socialist cabal at city hall don't care, it isn't thier money, is it?

mariposa said...

I didn't realize London was so devoid of artistic talent that it had to bring artists all the way from Argentina. Wow!

Elaine said...

The only way you can get a so called artist in London to ply their trade is if you wave a government grant in front of them. That is why you don't get anything of quality out of them. It is not there, it is not innate, it is pretend art. Can't stand on its own, needs a welfare cheque to prop it up.