Monday, September 17, 2007

Deck Chair Of The Day

Today's election deck chair has a big sign on it reading "Boomers Beware".

Although the province has gone to considerable expense to expand the training of new nurses, offered incentives to keep retirement-age nurses working longer and to bring the percentage of full-time nurses closer to 70%, the demographics within the profession suggest nursing shortages will become a major health care issue over the next several years we are not adequately prepared for.

The problem is exacerbated by U.S. recruiters who offer well-paying full-time jobs, benefits and perks to Canadian nurses and by the fact that Ontario hospitals, old age homes and other health care facilities are short-staffed with poor working conditions.
I imagine that by the time people my age are old and end up chronically sick in the "health" "care" system, we will quickly be euthanized and our organs repurposed. But an antiquated value for high-maintenance human life will still persist through the time of the Boomers, who will be kept alive, but left to change their own bandages, adjust their own tubes, and hope their children are willing to damage the economy by taking time off work to feed them.

Free Health Care -- not one word of truth in the phrase.