Thursday, September 13, 2007

Controlling The Message When Nobody Cares Anyways

Every politician loves to be in front of a camera, and in the case of the NDP it most certainly extends to their foot soldiers, too.

"Nye fotograf! Pashyol! Pashyol!"

Readers of the London Fog are acquainted with NDP operatives' instinctual fondness for preventing fellow citizens from recording public events. Last fall I was ridiculously harassed by London North's NDP riding association VP Gil Warren while attempting to document an NDP-heavy "anti-war" (so to speak) demonstration in a public park. NDP London-Fanshawe candidate Stephen Maynard was most amused by Warren's behaviour. His only question was for me. It was the natural question that would occur first to any lover of liberty and freedom of assembly: why was I refusing to identify myself to some obviously disturbed random person bothering me in a public park?

Advocates for the freedoms of speech and assembly, and of the open society, should think again about whether the NDP respects and represents those values. If they don't understand easy stuff like this, if the immediate physical impulse from the grassroots up to the top of the riding association is to harass suspected dissidents and suppress information, then why on earth would you lift a finger to help this organization get any power over you?

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Elaine said...

I remember that little show when Gestapo Gil took it upon himself to stop you from documenting the pro-hezzasshole terrorist rally.

Whoever was trying to film that ndp top secret press conference should have started yelling, "provocateur! provocateur!" That would have added a nice touch.