Sunday, September 23, 2007

But, activists were part of the hungry falcon's strategy!

A rich moment in the Peace Gardens:

Forming a circle under the sunshine and clear blue sky, two dozen people gathered yesterday at a downtown park to call for a peaceful world...

The UN's International Day of Peace began in 1981. Member countries agreed to celebrate Sept. 21 as a global ceasefire, day of peace and non- violence in every home, community and nation.

Though doves -- symbols of peace, hope and love -- were supposed to be released to conclude the ceremony, Walker explained they wouldn't be because on the way to the ceremony she noticed people watching falcons in London's sky.

A beautiful unrehearsed moment followed when the crowd looked upward toward the sky in unison as if doves had been released.


Elaine said...

That was the conservatives cutting all the money to the women's groups. They can't even afford to by a dove. I wish I had of known. I have a whack of fat old crows that hang around my compost, I could have snagged a burlap bag full of them for the girls.

Sonny Drysdale said...

Too bad they didn't see the rooster that's been hanging around the Forks of the Thames for the past month.

He's been banging morning doves like they're going out of style.

And then bragging about it - first thing in the morning, even in the middle of the day.

Honey Pot said...

I bet that reporter was pissing her pants not to break out laughing. "look at da widdle butterfwy, fwoating around. it is a sign of peace"

Walker must have been heavily medicated that she would forget to pickup the doves, at the dove store. What the hell is a peace rally without the doves? You just gotta have the doves.

What was that about the falcon in the sky? She is such a bullshitter, I am surprised she didn't say the falcon ate the doves the night before. She could have put a spin on it, and said it was an American falcon, a George Bush falcon. They could have all started crying, and saying how they would like to kill him.

The nutjobs all looking at the sky in unison at the nonexisting birds doesn't suprise me. The left are always seeing things that aren't there.