Thursday, September 6, 2007

Arrrr! Splice the mainbrace!

Police in St. Thomas are cracking down on the "pirate cabbies" menacing the city's grimy deeps for the crime of boarding and pillaging lawful merchant cabbies. Or, as it were, picking up passengers at bar closing time for $5 without a permit issued by the city.

“We are so concerned about it. They are breaking the law and the city's lucrative business selling permits to its partner monopolies in the taxi industry," said police spokesperson Const. Ander Nielsen…

…except that he actually said "it is dangerous for the passengers" instead of the permit and monopoly bit. Those same passengers who, apparently, have been judged incompetent to decide for themselves what service they want and from whom to get it without the self-serving intervention of politicians.

Nielsen added that "police were first tipped off by the taxi companies, frustrated over the loss of business." Odd, that. Also noting that police have "several officers dedicated to cracking down on the problem," he might also have added that they are not in the least bit embarrassed by it. Avast, mateys!


elaine said...

People have been doing that for years. I have to laugh at the scare tactics they are trying to use to stop people. I will have you know the cars the.....let's call them... designated drivers...pick you up in are just as good, or even better than the local cab cars. The story has just gave people an idea how to make a few extra bucks under the table.

It is sort of like the Health Unit trying to put the fear in smokers, by stating that people should only buy government sponsered smokes because they are so much more healthier for you, than the native cigs.


People always tend to find a way, don't they?

eng said...

Think of all the thugs, who should be out there policing the market, who are deprived of income by the City licensing the cabs and so controlling it that way.

Instead of the communist City, the thugs would do a better job. There would not be anyone being picked up except by drivers who pay the protection fee. The others trying to muscle in would find their cars always seem to need some repairs.

Of course if some shmuck drives downtown to pick up his friends, and their tires get slashed because it looks like they are taking business away from those paying businesses, tough shit! You want the commie pinko City to put up "no go" signs in all areas controlled by the Cab Protection syndicate? No way!

Anonymous said...

Instead of the communist City, the thugs would do a better job. There would not be anyone being picked up except by drivers who pay the protection fee.

Er, no, if it wasn't a communist city, taxi drivers could buy their own firearms and could easily defend themselves from thugs. Would-be thugs would find that it is far too risky to earn a living by plundering, because government would no longer be doing them the favour of disarming everyone, and they would have to find legitimate jobs like everyone else.

There is something important here that seems to have eluded you: government are thugs. Taxes and licensing fees are protection money. Anyone who decides not to pay the protection money is soon dragged off to jail and all his property is confiscated, and if he resists then he is pumped full of bullets by the thugs' enforcers.