Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Words can be harmful to your health when entitlements get in the way

Some people believe in the power of labels rather than the signals of their bodies. The government's answer is to ban those words/labels that may encourage the folly of individuals unwilling to heed the ides of reality. Everyone is to blame except yourself, according to official mandates.

Ottawa wants to ban cigarette companies from using the words "light" and "mild" on their products, Health Minister Tony Clement said in a statement.

"Research has shown that many smokers incorrectly believe that smoking 'light and mild' cigarettes is less harmful to their health," he said.

"These proposed regulations would put in place a mandatory -- and permanent -- ban on these deceptive terms."

[..] Clement said more than half of all current smokers say they smoke products labelled "light," "mild," or "ultralight."

He said those words prevent some smokers from quitting because they don't think the light or mild cigarettes are as harmful as others.
In other smoking related news, the Federal government is targeting entrepreneurs currently enjoying a black market created by a government imposed monopoly on cigarette sales. Additional exemptions and entitlements only complicate the game further:
The federal government is ordering high-security tax stamps for cigarette packages and planning stepped-up audits of tobacco factories and farms in a new campaign against the increasing number of contraband cigarettes flooding the Canadian market.

The stamps, to include holograms or other features typically used on paper money, are designed to prevent counterfeiting, and experts say they could help ensure tax-free cigarettes meant for First Nations communities are not sold to outsiders.

The initiative comes as police, industry and anti-smoking advocates warn of a rampant black market in tobacco, which has made unlikely allies of groups normally at each others' throats. The underground products -- mostly coming from native reserves in the United States or Ontario -- rob the legitimate industry and government of revenue, shrink the high prices that are considered a key deterrent to potential smokers and allegedly fuel organized crime.
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Ron said...

Where can I get such an Ashtray?

I know many people who would love it!

Heck If I get one for myself I may as well start smoking!

Lisa said...

Since I oh so shamefully "borrowed" the image via a google image search, it only seems right to post a link to the site I found this image at. Not sure if they still have any in stock, but I was thinking of ordering a few myself. Only $12 each!