Thursday, August 30, 2007


The world needs its straight talking curmudgeons to counterbalance its young bluenoses*.

* (Overthrowing capitalism and ushering in the egalitarian caliphate will certainly involve exposure to harsh language, much of it scatologically or sexually derived. Be warned! But don't worry, there is all the time in the world to back out and get a job.)


Elaine said...

Is the word 'Pussy' in the context used by Zach Young and others on the LC demeaning to women? -submitted by Ron Logan, a pussy from the London commie site.

It is hard to believe those London commie folks would be offended by the word 'pussy'. I can see perhaps the one feminazi over there getting her knickers in a knot over it. Everything offends her. She is burka material. Fuck I can't stand those word police. She would have all us women 'Mary-Janes,' if she was ever in a position of power.

The guys are all pussies over there, or wanting real bad to take her for a ride on their baloney pony to agree with her.

How could the word PUSSY be offensive to females?

Pussy is just a polite way of guys saying to each other, "you are a uselss spineless twat."

Elaine said...

P.S: Mike there is hope for them, not much, but I did noticed they ditched the clown suits.


Elaine said...

"For someone who has graduated from Women’s Studies it is an interesting time for you to pipe up. I learned in first year Women’s Studies historical language uses of the terms ‘pussy’ ‘sissy’ and others having roots in enforcing a violent patriarchal system."-Ron Logan a pussified fellow from London commie site.

How did these two young boys get into the she-woman man hating classes? Poor bastards must look like the elephant man to have to subject themselves to that sort of abuse to try and get laid.

Mike said...

Elaine, I was just teasing about a silly thread. Please do not abuse London Commons people like that.

Once upon a time, given my interests, and given the ideas I'd been exposed to up to that point, I was naturally a PC leftist too. I don't doubt the sincerity there.

elaine said...

I don't doubt that those boys sincerley need to be dropped off in the middle of the jungles of Africa to get in touch with their male side.

It just doesn't get any worse than that, taking a women's study course on how to hate males with a passion. Next thing you know those boys will be stealing girlie underwear off of clotheslines, and dressing up like Madonna.

Elaine said...

Mike did you attend those she-woman man-hating classes?

I had to attend a couple of the lectures, and the woman who was speaking looked and sounded just like Betty Davis in 'whatever happened to baby Jane?' You just knew if you made any sudden moves you would end up on the wrong end of her knife.

It was surreal. The movie sort of sums up the feminist movement for me though.

eng said...

I never attended such classes, but I can tell you, the students from those classes were the most sought after on campus. They were uninhibited (celebrating their womanhood) and would do just about any sexual act you could imagine, just to prove how liberated they were. I imagined a lot of interesting acts, and experienced many of them.

To put it bluntly, the feminists fuck like minks! Above average, I'd say.

What they won't do is get all atwitter just because some guy seems to like them. For example, calling one "pussy", before you are actually nuzzling her pussy, means you get no pussy.

You just have to adapt your sweet talk to them, just as you would with any other kind of female.

libby von dyke said...

Lick my lap cat.

I've never understood all the fuss about the "C" word. Most guys like them and if the ladies bother to pet them, they'll like them to. How is being a cunt an insult? Oops, we were discussing the "p" word . . .

Lick my cat.