Monday, August 6, 2007

"Piece of Art or Piece of Communist Trash?"

Communist art has ever been derivative and infantile, dedicated as it must be to the destruction of everything from which it had the infantile misfortune to derive. But it's breathtakingly obscene to witness the execution of communist art coincide so neatly with its objective as in this piece of vandalism that Lisa noticed at Mitchieville.

From Alastair's Heart Monitor:

The cave-painting of the crucifixion on Davaar Island, Campbeltown [off the east coast of Kintyre in Scotland] is world famous. It was originally painted by Archibald McKinnon in 1887.

This photo shows the damage to the cave painting that was carried out on 27th July 2006 by person or persons as yet unknown. For some reason this person has spray painted an image of Che Guevara over the top of the Crucifixion.
Even communist religious fervour must steal from what precedes it!

Fortunately, the cave painting has since been restored. The images below, taken from the Historic Kintyre pictorial record, show the painting before the vandalism (left) and after its restoration (right) — click on the images to show them in full size.