Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An innocent abroad in London

A weary Paul Tuns returns home…

I just got back from London, Ontario. It's been a long day that began at 5 am. If I had the energy, I would blog about:

1) There is a great line by Baylis in Homicide about train stations being depressing places. So are trains.

2) I've noted before that London (Ontario) is the armpit of Canada. Sadly, the VIA Rail station is the least depressing part of the downtown.
… because it's the embarkation point for the shortest way out of the downtown?

See also: Another claim to fame for London, in which Publius from Gods of the Copybook Headings is seen to remark,
The more I learn about London, from those who have lived in and visited the city, the more I am convinced that the city's destruction would be for the benefit not only of the residents, who would be dispersed and integrated into the rest of Canadian society, but for civilization as such.