Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If You Believe In Global Warming


you can sacrifice to any old god,
bet your thirst on a divining rod,
cones and crystals and UFOs,
stuff the man doesn't want you to know
you can dig into what masons do
and figure out their plan for you
yeah, we don't know what the ancients knew
so who am i to make fun of you?

you can cast a chart with those planets on
i could be right i could be wrong
it's kind of hard to believe that shit
but it's totally cool if you're into it
Con tact the dead with your ouija board
i think when they're dead you should cut t he cord
but i'm not gonna sit with you and judge
and it's even ok if you give it a nudge

as you can see i'm a tolerant guy
i think that beauty's in the eye
but it pounds in my head like a big bass drum:
believing in global warming is fuckin' dumb
Warning, alleged song consists of little more than gratuitous swearing, counterproductive, unsubstantiated invective, and childish taunts. Do not listen to song.

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elaine said...

BRAVO! another smashing hit from the liege's of logic! Well done!

Jay Jardine said...

Another masterpiece.

I visualized a laser-strafed dance floor, surrounded by a sweaty, glowstick twirling crowd and hissing smoke machines.