Monday, August 13, 2007

I Don't Recycle No More


i don't recycle no more
don't know what they need it for
give all my trash to the poor
or to the lawn next door
when i'm done i don't want it no more
i gave up on that chore
and i don't recycle no more.

there's people who say i should
but the reasons they give me aren't any good
and if i cared i know i could
but i don't recycle no more.

i don't recycle no more
when i get home from the store
garbage can is on the floor
not gonna gild the apple core
count your tears as they pour
and i leave my butts at your door
and i don't recycle no more.

it takes time to separate
if you want my time you'll have to wait.
if you're into it then that's great
but i don't recycle no more.

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Anonymous said...

Liberal Greenies Hate Life:

They hate the CO2 breath from a baby’s lungs. They hate the sun and use it’s rays as liberal guns.

They hate different ideas, and love only yours. They hate everyone who isn't obediently down on all fours.

They hate nature, saying it is delicate and frail. They hate the possibility that the earth could be as tough as a steel nail.

They hate the blue sky and call it brown. They hate others who don’t walk about with a frown.

They hate a god given planet full of life. They only see suffering, toil and strife.

They hate and abort the unborn and allow same sexes to wed. They hate the incandescent light bulb beside my bed.

Liberals used to question, challenge and doubt. Now they bow, obey and pout.

rg said...

As we say up north,
"Bah, throw it in the bush."

Nice song.

Fenris Badwulf said...


elaine said...

I love it! Just listened to it this morning and have been humming it ever since.

...added a few of my own lines

I don't recycle no more, I'm not a global warming whore

I don't cair! make you aware...I don't recycle no more

eng said...

Do you litter?

I mean litter the ground outside. I already see you littering this blog, but it's good you have a place to spew and I don't have to look at it without stopping by here.

Mike said...

eng, I may address that question in an upcoming tune if inspiration strikes and/or the price is right.

The songwriting process can be expedited with a cash advance handled through my agents at The Fenris Badwulf Academy Of Counterpoint And Social Change.

eng said...

If only I too could be a songwriter! But I am only a poser and am reduced to making up lyrics to other tunes:

Oh, I'm a litterer and I'm ok.
I throw stuff out just to watch it blow away

I chop old trees, I eat mc lunch
The lake's my lavatory
On Wednesday they take garbage
Then I go set it free

Oh I'm a litterer and I'm ok.
I throw stuff out just to watch it blow away

I burn old tires, I poop on lawns
If you don't like it "awww"
I burn old womens' clothing
Just like bra burning ma!

Oh I'm a litterer and I'm ok.
I throw stuff out just to watch it blow away

Lisa said...


Of course people should pay for what they consume, and hence dispose of. Trouble is, garbage disposal is monopolized by the government and thus inherently unfair. Bag limits and green bins do nothing to correct this imbalance. The wealthy will continue to pass the cost unto the poor and the impoverished will continue to break windows. It's a no win situation.

elaine said...

eng, stop being so menopausal. Celebrate the song, it is good. If I had a potatoe right now, I'd bounce it off your melon in hopes it would wake you up to the fun in life.

elaine said...

eng, the intensity of that question,"do you litter?" as if it somehow mattered, makes me realize you are so wrapped up in this glowtaridan lifestyle that you would send me to a conformity camp if I answered yes.