Thursday, August 23, 2007

Glowball Warming... as bad as it seems?

Bjorn Lomborg has a new book out. Cool It looks at GW from a few diferent angles. Lomborg does believe in GW and he does think that we are responsible, but he takes a remarkably different stand than most in the GW camp. He makes some interesting points about the effects of extreme temperature events, pointing out that we hear lots about a few thousand deaths from heat and nothing about the tens of thousands of people who die from exposure to cold. Europe experienced about 35,000 deaths during the 2003 heat wave, that's a large number. But compare it to 25,000 to 50,000 deaths per year in one country, Great Britain. Why do we hear nothing about these deaths? I guess if you die from the cold you aren't a statistic, only when you die from the heat is there any news to report.

In Europe, on an annual basis, about 200,000 people die from excesive heat, 1.5 million die from the cold. If there is continued global warming, many of those lives would be saved. Of course it could be argued that more people will die in the summer. In England, it has been estimated, 2,000 more people would die from the heat if the average temperature rose by 3 degrees F. But 20,000 fewer people would die from the cold. Not a bad bargain, unless you are one of the dead people in either case. Lomborg believes that we can adapt to the heat much more readily than the cold. So is GW all that bad?

Elsewhere in the news, Discover Magazine has proposed that jellyfish are taking over the oceans because of global warming. It couldn't have anything to do with our habit of strip mining the oceans could it? Oh, I forgot, everything is caused by glowball warming. Sorry.


mariposa said...

And yet another doomsday movie is being filmed - a docu-drama - to promote the end of the world due to anthropogenic global warming. They use an actor polar bear to promote their false message.
The Truth Hurts by Licia Corbella
When the movie's production manager, Terry Marsh, was challenged with the fact that polar bear numbers are actually increasing in Canada and worldwide he said:
"I have no idea about that," says Marsh. "This is only a movie and I'm a film maker, not a scientist." And he plans to promote the movie as if it's based on science.

The ecoborgs just get funnier by the day! Or it would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that they're indoctrinating young children and terrorizing them with this nonsense.

mariposa said...

Sorry, I screwed up my link above to Licia Corbella's story. The url is:

jamal said...

yes its definatly as bad as it seems.

eng said...

Some polar bear populations are increasing, since they are protected and their numbers are recovering from overhunting of them and overfishing of their food.

But the general trend is decreasing overall. link