Thursday, August 9, 2007

Free Dominion Complaint Dropped

It's old news, now, after my little break -- but for closure's sake: public disobedience, mockery, and over-the-top flouting is what works against the likes of Human Rights Commissions and those who would sneak around at night to use such illiberal star chambers against a free people.

The human rights complaint that accused the Canadian conservative web forum Free Dominion of "hate speech" has been dropped, Free Dominion co-founder and administrator Connie Fournier told today.
The candy-coloured clowns they call conservatives at Blogging Tories lived up to the name.
Please do not repost material from FreeDominion that is the subject of the CHRC complaint. Doing so exposes us, and this warning serves as clear notice that we will pursue civil action against anyone that in turn exposes us to CHRC action related to this complaint against FreeDominion.
Keep on voting, folks -- if these are just the grass roots, imagine all the principled, courageous rule of law conservatism those lawyers with the big "C" logo are just waiting to unleash on us, if you'll only give them a majority. The logo is a pretty blue!

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Anonymous said...

Oh they're conservatives alright ... conserving their grip on power.

"Hey dude like don't annoy the government or we'll sic the GOVERNMENT on you!"