Sunday, August 5, 2007

Finally, A Free Press Poll that asks a Good Question

Seems the majority of Londoners are on Tom Gosnell's side.

Update: Anatomy of a Free Press online poll surge

It's not much of a surge, of course, it being London and on a long hot holiday weekend at that, but somebody out there figured it wouldn't be good optics for London's socialist cabal to appear to be thought of as a socialist cabal — or something like that, I can only imagine — and enlisted a few troops for a little blitz during the course of the poll's second day. It's a frequent enough occurrence for Free Press polls that throw into relief the divides between left and right, or progressive and conservative, opinion that one wonders why anyone bothers at all with online polls or their results.

[Estimated time of screen capture at left, and final result of the poll at bottom.]

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Honey Pot said...

I would like to see a poll that would have been more pointed, and something everyone, even the socialist could understand.

Take a good look at the silver spooned socialist cabal down there. These are women who have never did a hard days work in their lives. Their perfectly content to put tradesmen and women out of work, as long as it doesn't affect their paycheques.

The question on the poll should have been: #How long do you plan on living in London with an economic growth freeze put in place for the next 20 years?