Monday, August 6, 2007

Exercise is bad for the environment

Concerned about the environment? This week's advice from central planners, take the car and stick to the couch:
Walking does more than driving to cause global warming, a leading environmentalist has calculated.

Food production is now so energy-intensive that more carbon is emitted providing a person with enough calories to walk to the shops than a car would emit over the same distance. The climate could benefit if people avoided exercise, ate less and became couch potatoes. Provided, of course, they remembered to switch off the TV rather than leaving it on standby.

The sums were done by Chris Goodall, campaigning author of How to Live a Low-Carbon Life, based on the greenhouse gases created by intensive beef production. “Driving a typical UK car for 3 miles [4.8km] adds about 0.9 kg [2lb] of CO2 to the atmosphere,” he said, a calculation based on the Government’s official fuel emission figures. “If you walked instead, it would use about 180 calories. You’d need about 100g of beef to replace those calories, resulting in 3.6kg of emissions, or four times as much as driving.

[..] Catching a diesel train is now twice as polluting as travelling by car for an average family, the Rail Safety and Standards Board admitted recently. Paper bags are worse for the environment than plastic because of the extra energy needed to manufacture and transport them, the Government says.
No, this article is not from the Onion. If you don't believe me, follow the link to TimesOnline. Really, I can only hope that these climate change activists keep contradicting themselves and each other - maybe people will finally realize that rain dancing is more reliable than climate change science.

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eng said...

Doesn't look like much "contradicting themselves" to me. It looks more like many minds working on a problem. Sorry, uniformity of thought is only for Communists and social insects.

It's good to see we've moved beyond the "is climate change real", and beyond "does human activity have anything to do with it". Now we're just arguing about what to do about it.

mariposa said...

Yes, they absolutely are contradicting themselves. The climate change alarmists have been saying that emissions from cars were the biggest CO2 producers (or what they claim is the leading cause of global warming - completely ignoring the big yellow ball in the sky). Now, the same alarmists are saying exercise produces more CO2.

Well, I've been mulling over starting an exercise program - this just sped things up. I'm beginning today. And my goal will be to exercise every day and produce as much CO2 as I can.

And no, we have not moved beyond the idiotic theory that human activity is the major cause of global warming. Only in the minds of people stupid enough to promote a sedentary lifestyle.

eng said...

You haven't moved on, but it seems everyone else has. Now the rest of us are working on how to reduce our GHG emissions. There are lots of bad ways to do it. For example, our federal government suggests closing one quarter of the economy. Fortunately those idiots will be out of power before long.

Of course the sedentary lifestyle is one way to reduce net emissions. Stop eating so much meat would be another.

It will be fun watching you try to increase your CO2 footprint while you gradually lose the ways to do it. Will you stop driving if you can only buy cars with low emissions? Will you stop using electricity if you can no longer buy power made from coal (coal that has not been converted to clean coal yet)?

What if London Hydro puts up a windmill farm? Will you use more power to try and overload it, or use less to protest your right to dirty power being taken away.

So many questions, and so few people who will care about your "problem".

Elaine said...

What is happened here is that the glowtardians, who have preached the stupid global warming fantasy to the unwashed masses, have came to a realization.

They realize it is them, as pioneers of this new pagan cult, who also have to sacrafice.

They have lowly glowtardian wannabe's looking at them and saying, "why are you driving you fuckwit, when you told me not to." The prophets of global warming are being watched, and to sell their books and their over-priced wormy organic apples they must come up with excuses as to why they are still driving and consuming as much as the rebel non-glowtardians.

As they say, the crock of shit called global warming hysteria, will come home to roost when people start having their jobs eliminated.

Nothing like a dose of reality to wake up the glowtardian wannabe's.

mariposa said...

eng - I notice you make no comment on the REAL source of global warming - the big yellow ball in the sky that I mentioned above.

I mean the SUN. Gee, do you think maybe it could also be the source of the same warming trend that's being observed on other planets like Mars? Or are you going to tell me that humans are somehow responsible for that too.

eng said...

elaine - I just love the religious metaphors! We used to do the same with our linux boxes when they didn't work. I could "wave a dead chicken", the system would boot, and I would be the "guru" for the day. Then we'd send the prophets to preach the gospel to the unwashed masses in the other part of the company still struggling with their crashing windows servers. Fun!

By the way, don't buy the wormy apples, and don't take wooden nickels. Go early, check them and you won't get the picked over wormy ones.

The idea of organic is you see the food is spoiled before you buy, so you don't buy it. But if you prefer, get the chem filled spray painted stuff that looks ok but could well be spoiled and you won't know until after you eat it and then don't feel so good.

mariposa - Sorry, I didn't bother replying to your big yellow ball comment. I was just pleased that you no longer deny global warming is happening, you just want to dispute the cause. Progress!

Mars is losing ice cap at its south pole. I thought you would claim losing ice cap is not evidence of global warming here, but now it is on Mars?

Mars has a very thin atmosphere, and its mean temperature is more affected by dust storms. Those were greater in the 70s for unknown reasons, and now are not obscuring the surface as much so it does get warmer.

Overall Mars is not warming as much as the earth. The IPCC says "humans are likely causing 50% of the observed global warming". That 50% is based on, among other things, observations of Mars.

Mars has a more eccentric orbit, and guess what? When it gets closer to the big yellow ball, it gets warmer. With a two year orbital period, you will see short term trends to back your claim everything is getting warmer. But just wait a bit and it goes back again.

Do you know of other planets that are warming? There's Pluto, formerly known as a planet, of course, discovered 77 years ago. With an eccentric orbit that takes 248 years to complete, we can hardly determine any longer term trend since we cannot factor out the seasonal ones.

CreditcardPlayer said...

That sounds crazy - people should move and exercise to keep healthy. The point of reducing work-out for enviroment sake seems cooked up.

mariposa said...

Yeah - no kidding it's ALL cooked up!

And to eng: Yawn.....

I am soooooooooo bored with the fear-mongers. In my lifetime, it's been the impending doom of a rapidly approaching ice age (the 70s).

Then I remember the morons that were telling us that the world was going to end because of Y2K. I actually knew someone who kept warning me I should buy a generator and stockpile water. I did neither and, of course, the lights didn't go out at 12:01 a.m. on New Years Eve. We still had heat and water ran from the taps. Naturally, the fear-mongers say it's because they whipped everyone into a frenzy and got the problem solved ahead of time. Yet I remember many of the fanatics were still warning of the apocalypse as late as November 1999.

Today the same voices have found something new to frighten the sheep-like masses - anthropogenic global warming! Well, pardon me, I need to stifle another giant yawn here. Of course, when the world doesn't end, these people will say it was all due to their efforts - Kyoto crap and such - couldn't possibly have anything to do with the sun!

Some people just live to incite unnecessary fear among gullible people.