Thursday, August 30, 2007

Encountering Opposing Viewpoints Makes It Harder To Have Faith

HT Relapsed Catholic. There must be some way for the dying, outmoded newspaper industry to make itself even less appealing to its customers. Although the trend is encouraging, newspapers are still apparently being published. It seems that a dwindling though non-zero number of subscriptions still remain uncancelled.

I bet any strategy to completely make newspapers a thing of the past would have to involve the words "proactive", "environment", "climate" and "advocacy". Those words have the power of making the most sublime expressions trite and insulting to the intelligence.

For maximum effect, newspaper typists should also persist in the ludicrous idea that their customers come to them to for behaviour modification and beliefs engineering under the direction of uneducated and otherwise unemployable journalists.

Oh, look! Editor and Publisher has a whole bunch of ideas on how to put the final nails in the newspaper industry.

Develop a Behavior-Change Campaign That Encourages Action.
Many newspapers as well as other types of news organizations have embarked on climate-change special series, but most tend to focus on in-depth reporting of the issue. I can't fault most papers from covering the issue intensely; there's some excellent reporting being done by environmental-beat reporters. But most of these special efforts don't include much in the way of calls for action -- an advocacy component. What's missing is for newspaper coverage of the issue to be pro-active in encouraging behavior change...

Advocacy has gotten a bad name in modern news media. I would argue that climate change is too important of an issue squander the power of the news media. Newspapers can and should not only educate people about what they can do, but pro-actively lead and encourage behavior change. That will mean setting aside a time-honored journalistic practice -- for this one vital issue.
Lots more great ideas at the link.

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Elaine said...

The newspaper industry is dying just for that reason. This monopoly on the written word, or the news they felt they possessed has been blown out of the water, thanks to the internet.

That short intro on SDA pretty well sums it up for me. I didn't think, feel or believe the way the msm kept stating this is what Canadians think, feel and believe. I knew there had to be more like me out there, just from everyday conversations with people.

The internet will bring an end to dictaorships, oppression, and generally stupid supernatural beliefs, just by having your average Joe, Mo and Joanne, Jawhara sharing thoughts and ideas with each other.

That has to be really pissing the gatekeeper's off.