Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Moldy Cheese

Prager and Hitchens with CAIR truthspeaker Ibrahim Hooper.

By the way, Canadians, does the CAIR-creature's voice remind you of anyone? (Videos HT LGF)

More, and heartening: "CAIR can go to hell and take their 72 virgins with them."


Elaine said...

They really are out of their minds, the left. To demand that we not fear islam. You would have to be brain dead not to fear it if you lived in a civilized country. As a female I have more to fear from islam than a male. islam offends me, and there is not a hell of alot I can do about it.

I can see how the left and islam have bonded. They have so much in common. The need to restrict freedom of speech and thought to control others.

....yeah they can all go to hell and take their 72 virgins with them.

Gera said...

What this debate missed is that no questioned the very vagueness of "hate crime" laws.

All crimes are a result of hate or disregard of our fellow human beings...hate crimes just make what you're thinking instead of what you've done the issue.

That's a thought crime. Funny how liberals are trying to get around the first amendment by criminalizing thoughts and ideas. After all the flushing of the Koran wasn't the major issue. But the "intimidation" caused by it.

No one was hurt. This crime is properly vandalism. (and only because it wasn't his own Koran!)