Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brother, can you spare an electron?

Environmentally Friendly Sick Day

Reader Paul Merrifield from London, Ontario submits a free verse and a sing-along contribution so that the London Fog can conserve our precious neuron resources to help save the planet (cartoon via groovygreen).
      Just look at that gorgeous glistening full moon glowing through our rapidly dissolving ozone layer and yet,
      The sunset with its gleaming colors waits yet another year to show the full and deadly greenhouse effect.
      Come on global warming I know you will show up some day, I just know you will
      Because only then will I see a decrease in my annual heating bill.
      The romantic breeze that blows through the tropical Florida palms sways to and fro
      As I sit back and wonder who back home in Detroit is shoveling my snow.
      Heat waves are now called summer, rainstorms are floods and the sun is nothing but cancer and more
      We thank ye god for providing such wonder, with fear, terror and misery from good old Al Gore.

Al Gore Hates Life:

He hates the CO2 breath from a baby’s lungs.
He hates the sun and uses it’s rays as liberal guns.

He hates different ideas, and loves only Al Gore’s.
He hates anyone who isn't obediently down on all fours.

He hates nature, saying it is delicate and frail.
He hates the possibility that the earth could be as tough as a steel nail.

He hates the blue sky and calls it brown.
He hates others who don’t walk about with a frown.

He hates a god given planet full of life. He only sees suffering, toil and strife.

He hates the unborn and allows same sexes to wed.
He hates the incandescent light bulb beside my bed.

Good liberals back in the sixties used to question, challenge and doubt.
Now they bow, obey and pout.
Paul Merrifield signs off his email with "Doctor David Nutzuki Quote #420," which is a minor variation on the first 419:

"How many times do I have to tell everyone? Read my furry lips: THERE IS NO DEBATE ON CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!!!!! Now shut the &%$# up, all of you!"


Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

anonymous: That's a pretty pathetic comment.

Anonymous said...

He hates the blue sky and calls it brown.
He hates others who don’t walk about with a frown.

Anonymous: You have to admit...this versing is brilliant... enuff to bring a tear to a neo-con's eye fer shore.

Lisa: I'm sorry for flaming...I won't bother you anymore, I just couldn't resist. I will now run away like an anonymous coward before you hillbillys show how much smarter you are than me in matters concerning the health of the planet.

BTW please speak to someone before you go ahead and pull that trigger, there are good kind folks who can help you.

Anonymous said...

The cartoon captures the carbon credit scam perfectly. "Gimme your money 'fore I get outa bed and open up a big can of whup-ass on your planet"

elaine said...

Only in leftard world would it make sense to pay whole countries great gobs of money to do nothing, just to assauge their guilt for existing.