Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ask your local MPP

We suggested earlier that it might be interesting to ask London-Fanshawe MPP Khalil Ramal about his role as Parliamentary Assistant to Mike Colle, the former Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration who resigned after his ministry was caught awarding $32.5 million in grants to various ethnic and cultural associations in a process that Auditor General Jim McCarter found "was not open, transparent or accountable."

Well, John Wilson did just that on his Focus 980 radio program last Friday:

… Ramal admitted he had himself directed grants to organizations. When pressed on where the money came from for such obviously non-critical projects, he said it was "extra" money, "left over" from other departments.

Under Wilson’s prodding he went on to confess the funds were so poorly managed because his department was new to the grant process and "we didn’t know how to spend the money".
But no politician or bureaucrat will ever let ignorance get in the way of their obligation to spend the money, come paltry excuse or high water! Besides, knowing how to spend it is purely a secondary consideration after knowing how to get it.

Via Jim Chapman's August Newsletter

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Elaine said...

They are never going to ask for that money back. The liberals are just going to find a more creative way to steal taxpayer money to buy votes.

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