Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Arctic Sprawl"

From today's Financial Post, Terence Corcoran takes a closer look at Canada's claims over the Arctic:

Geopolitical strategy aside, there's the economic agenda and the strange vision of adult governments fighting over the spoils of climate change. Thanks to global warming allegedly caused by carbon emissions, the North is supposedly melting away and could free the Northwest Passage of ice within a decade. Shipping lanes will open up, as will easier access to vast resources of minerals and fossil fuels.

As has been repeated many times in recent reports, the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the Arctic seabeds may hold up to 25% of the world's undiscovered oil and gas. That may or may not be a good estimate. But it does highlight the obvious absurdity: Governments that have signed a UN climate convention to curb carbon emissions are battling to use a UN law of the sea convention to get control over oil and gas that could massively expand carbon emissions.

Such contradictions are unlikely to influence the strategic battle over control of the Arctic. The Arctic, mostly ignored by all players in the past, now looks like the next big resource rush. As the Russians, Danes, Americans and Canadians jockey for legal and political power over the Arctic, about the only certainty is that they are unlikely to get it right.
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Anonymous said...

The goal is not to curb emissions or to exploit fuel deposits. The goal of governments is to wield power over people. Signing a carbon regulating scheme into law one day and seizing an oil field the next are in no way contradictory or opposed to this goal.

Elaine said...

Talking about future economic growth, thank goodness the socialist cabal on council have husbands who talked some sense into them.

I bet their husbands had to give them a lesson in math and logic to bring them around. I don't imagine they mind if their wives play politics, gets them out of the house, and off their backs.....but jasussssss christ, they just knew they had to draw the line at their hens destroying the economy of the city.

Though Tom Gosnell is an arrogant pompus asshole, he does know a thing or two about business. London has never been known as a industry friendly sort of town. Lost out on many businesses that could have had this town the place people wanted to live.

Bascially London is a dying economically, no matter what kind of spin council tries to put on it. Lots of lower paying jobs, but not many meat and potatoe ones. London needs more meat and potatoe jobs if they want to keep young people here to raise families.

eng said...

Future economic growth depends on better education as well.


elaine quayle! Who'd a thunk it?

Elaine said...

I am quite sure the socialist cabal at city hall are well educated females. If they are the litmus test as to what passes as intelligent, I will stick to my potatoes.

eng said...

potatoes is the plural of potato.

potatoe is a word invented by Dan Quayle, US VP in the Bush 41 administration.

There is no difference in Canadian and US spelling for potato. Pronunciations maybe, you say potato and I say potato.

Elaine said...

I like potatoes, they look like toes. People have unique toes. If you show me your toe, I will find a potatoe that matches it. I made a giant foot out of potatoes when I was in grade 4. I won a prize. The suits were falling all over my potatoe foot, marveling at the toes, saving it was genius. It wasn't, I was just bored. I quit school in grade 5, it made me sleepy, and there were more fun things to do. I was told that would end my artistic career. It didn't. Art is just there, it just happens.

Elaine said...

Does anyone else find it interesting the number of young girls opting for maternity tops as a fashion statement? I wonder if it is the fear of global warming or world war. Perhaps both.

They had that in the late 70's also, it was because we are all going to be living under domes because of pollution, and the cold war fear. I do believe there is a big baby boom coming. It was unfashionable to procreate there for about ten years, but I think it is making a come back.