Sunday, August 19, 2007

And so, of course, I wept

Fenris Badwulf informs me that I have failed a recent exam I wrote for my New Left Logic course. While I correctly deduced Ontario's new laws regarding street racing are all about other's people's money, I got the statements of the New Left Logic all mixed up, thereby missing the positive message. So I am told:

The victims of the oppression of Street Racing are heteronormative males. Males with jobs so they can afford to own a car. Males with careers who cannot afford to lose their cars because they want to keep their jobs. Heteronormative because having a car is a great way to pick up chicks. And, as any telemarketer knows, anyone with a job has money. So, let us turn these heteronormative males into a revenue stream.

[..] Note also the level playing field of multi-culturalism. When gangbangers shoot Jane Creba in the head, the politically correct thing is to hire more social workers, give the gunslingers a free breakfast in high school, lower academic standards, and put up a community center. Street Racers kill people, too. So where are the racetracks built at taxpayers expense?