Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Also, the feng shui was really bad

Stakeholders' hearts are broken:

Sifton Properties is challenging the city's rejection of its plans for a riverside office tower that drew nearly universal opposition from neighbours....

The proposed development led council to reconsider freezing development along the river, its concerns heightened by research that projects more severe flooding along the Thames caused by global warming.
The consensus among occult scientists is that vampires dislike running water. That debate is settled.

Should council really be encouraging people to live and work in more vulnerable environments, away from the safety of the river?


Carmi said...

If it means that greedy developers run a greater risk of having their precious investments permanently soaked by a post-Katrina storm surge up the Thames, then maybe we should just let them build wherever the hell they want.

Karma can be a cast iron bitch. If the OMB continues to roll its will over this burg, then maybe it's time to leave the developers' fate in a higher authority.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It was the implicit guarantee of government bailout which led so many people to build their houses in the disaster area of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Canada got where it is because of its people's respect for private property and the attitude of personal responsibility that came with it. Things have been rather stagnant since people started deferring to governmental nannies and bum-wipers.

P.S. Those in government are just as greedy as those outside of government. But far more risk-averse. Hence, the escalator salary clauses, ironclad job security and gold-plated pension plans they award themselves.