Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"What's next? Garbage police?"

Ian Gillespie has a great piece in today's London Free Press on the city's new "showing we care with your time and money" garbage policy proposals:

For years, I've plugged my nose and done my duty — I compost and recycle.

I lug old paint cans to the city's special waste depot. I stay within the four-container limit. I wrap broken glass. I bundle, flatten, roll and tie.

Heck, if I thought it'd make the world a better place, I'd leave cookies and milk at the curb, too.

But I'm growing increasingly fed up with token, knee-jerk edicts from city hall that are so unenforceable that they're practically meaningless.
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Mike said...

I thought the reason for having the city run a universal, publicly-funded garbage collection system was to make it easy for lazy, bad people like me to do the right thing.

When leaving garbage in convenient places is outlawed, only outlaws will leave garbage in convenient places!

Fenris Badwulf said...

These garbage police would create jobs for those activists without ability. I like it!

talk talk talk said...

And here I thought Toronto was alone in insane self-righteous garbage policies!