Thursday, July 26, 2007

We make policy because we care

When it comes to news programming, satire is more real than the real thing

Would it be mean to tell Africa about the world economy?

"The main thing is, we don't want to rob them of their culture… we don't want to introduce plumbing, and electricity, and housing, and doorknobs, because that's going to take away from what it means to be inherently African."

Via Billy Beck. Cross-posted to Mitchieville in exchange for the t-shirt.

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Elaine said...

That dark-haired one is the spitting image of Elizabeth-May.

That is what the glowtaridans want, to deny Africa and other third world countries their industrial revolution.

Can you imagine how wonderful their lives could be if they could just get their shit together. They actually are, sitting on gold mines.