Monday, July 9, 2007

A Visit To The Mitchievillian Authority

Three important festivals occurred this past weekend. And at at least two of the three, Che Guevara shirts featured.

First, and most historically significant, was the blogfeast at the Manor in Mitchieville. Everyone was looking forward to July 7. The Mayor and TLDG know how to cause a good time not only to occur, but also to roll all night. I wish everybody who was there lived on my block. So many great memories: delicious dinner and perhaps the finest 7 layer dip in the Northern Hemisphere; the unleashing of the mind trap, which turns out to be real; Jay Jardine's gift of excellent scotch; games, prizes, and alcohol; the baseless, show-trial "unmasking" of my J. by dissident post office and university workers playing Yagoda and Vyshinsky; the discussion of matters lofty and base; manifestos read and discussed; the play of quick wits; a cemetery illuminated only by the moon and camera flashes; the ceremonial burning of Che Guevara...

We were surprised to meet Fenris wearing a "Che Classic" T-Shirt. Fenris explained that he hadn't had time to change since his prior engagement raising consciousness among telemarketers at the Temple of Set. When Mayor laughingly ordered that Mitchieville T-shirts be brought out for every guest at the Manor, we knew that the fate of the unlucky Che shirt had been decided. Our chants filled the air.

The feast continued its rousing success till early morning. Thanks to everybody who made it possible, as opposed to myself, who did the cryptic crossword as Mapmaster drove, and ate the delicious food put before me by the Mayor, TLDG, Reg, and ikthys.

Other reports at Autonomous Source, Ianism, and Mitchieville.

Second, Sunfest was more Che-filled than the Mitchievillian Authority, but less Che-filled than one might expect, and as great as ever right up to the last show. At that point, the edgy MuchMusic emcee epitomized multiculturalism's painful intersection with edgy marketing by praising the inhabitants of London for being able to enjoy music in a different language. At the end he tried to bait and taunt the "One Love"-blissed crowd into getting angry that the show had to stop at 11.

Third, between 100-125 hardcore climate change denial hate-rock fans converged on Thomas Cream Park on Saturday to celebrate DenialFest. No report yet from the correspondent about the event or its Che quotient.

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MapMaster said...

I loved Yagoda in Barney Miller.