Sunday, July 1, 2007

“Tomorrow’s Pioneers" are today's terrorists

Hamas inspired Mickey Mouse meets his expiry date. Unfortunately, state-sponsored programming continues.


Anonymous said...

They call what Farfour did being a martyr? C'mon. What he did was cowardly. I expect a Hamas-run kids TV show to teach martyrdom properly to my lil' jihadist.

Everyone knows that a real martyr would strap some TNT around their waist and shout "Allah Akbar!" on a Israeli city bus--not sit back and take a beating from a filthy Jew. I demand better fatwa programming to teach my children.

Elaine said...

When a muslim states thier kid is "da bomb", they actually mean it.

I can think of nothing more brutal or sick than teaching your children to strap a bomb on themselves to go amongst innocent people and dentonate. Islam is one fucked up death cult.

There has got to be a handful of muslims somewhere in the world that see this as wrong.

Elaine said...

Ok, maybe that is too much to ask a handful of them.

Is anyone else sort of concerned that two of the jihadist terrorist picked up in Glasgow trying to bomb the airport were Doctors from fucked up islamland?

You can sort of see your run of the mill know nothing muslim participating in that terrorist shit.

Your average everyday know nothing muslim is taught from cradle to grave to hate and kill Jews and infidels, so you know they are write off's. The incentives to kill for their death cult, far outway any consideration to use their brains.

You would think an educated doctor or two would figure out the death cult of islam is a load of shit somewhere along the line.

What did they think they would have accomplished? All they would have did was give the civilized world the go ahead to take out Iran. Iran does need to be nuked in the worse sort of way, it is the only thing that will bring peace, and a chance of turning the barbaric ME into something tolerable.

Anonymous said...

more proof that it's really about hating the "dirty" Jews.

Peter K. said...

Here's a group you might want to join...

If you haven't already.

Peter K.

Elaine said...

Save it Peter, it has nothing to do with racism. It is about being forced to tolerate the intolerable. It is about being stupid and gullible believing we are not in danger because of the fucked up teachings of islam.

The wannabe agents of death and destruction were doctors Peter. Is that not telling you how much the muslims hate us, and want us all dead? The best and brightest of the islam death cult sent out to do their dirty work.

Surely even the most politically correct lefty could consider teaching toddlers to kill Jews and infidels, at least distasteful.

Peter K. said...

Not your flavour? Why don't you try out the source before you decide.

I understand if those London folk aren't hateful enough for you. Why not try...

I would image they have the most appropriate levels of hate and insanity.


Elaine said...

No Peter, you are mistaken. Islam has the market cornered on hate, barbarism...and of course, insanity. You can't believe there is some merit in encouraging young children to kill others who don't believe in islam?

Do you know of any other religious death cult, who teaches their children, at a very young age, to kill people because they don't practise the same religion?

That islam, is a fucked up death cult, no matter how you slice it.

mariposa said...

The real racists are the ones teaching children to hate and murder others for no other reason than the fact that these "others" are not Muslim.

Peter K. said...

Hello Mariposa,

Welcome to the crazy train. You may find some of the links I posted earlier intriguing.

Well, to answer your question Elaine, no religion actually teaches what you claim. If you sat down and spent some time with the Qu'ran you might actually know what you're talking about.

But let's just follow your reasoning for a moment to answer your question.

"Do you know of any other religious death cult, who teaches their children, at a very young age, to kill people because they don't practice the same religion?"

1) Christianity
2) Judaism
3) Hinduism
4) Sikhism

5) Capitalism...

The List goes on.

Once again, you are a racist. Once you recognize that your lack of knowledge limits your ability to reason you too will recognize the errors of your ways.

And please, don't give me that "I'm colour blind" bullshit that only rich and privileged people would dare say...

Mike, I think you prefer that argument, don't you?

Take Care

Elaine said...

Come on Peter, you know better. I am not saying they didn't. All religion was but in place to keep the unwashed masses in their place. The other religions evolved over the years. Don't hear too much of that feeding people to the lions, and stuff going on. Except in fucked up islam whose modern day brutality, cannot be matched. Islam is a barbaric, evil oppressive death cult. Do you hear about any of the other religious cults putting out fatwa's on anyone who disagrees with them, or insults their god?

Do you not find anything strange about a religion whose god was a pedophile, and your reward in their fucked up afterlife is you get to sleep with 72 little girls?

Peter, I don't care that islam is strange, all religion is strange. I do care about its barbaric nature and what that means to the civilized world.

mariposa said...

Elaine, you might as well give up on poor pathetic Peter. He's a lost cause. He's watched this video and thinks there's nothing wrong with it and anybody who thinks there is - he slaps the racist label on them. In his narrow-minded little world, it's racist to find fault with terrorists and their teachings - oops I mean freedom fighters (wouldn't want someone to think I'm racist simply for calling them what they are). But Elaine, I like the way you keep him all wound up.

Peter K. said...


And we are the innocent who provoke nothing...

I won't bother you folk for a while now. I just couldn't resist this last post.

Poor pathetic Peter K.

mariposa said...

And so he goes wimpering off, with his curly little tail between his legs yipping all the way.

Lisa said...

I'm still waiting to hear how capitalism is responsible for Peter's cowardly retreat.

I'd also like to invite Peter K to defend the Hamas-sponsered hate clip presented here. Would he willingly promote the message to his own family?

Elaine said...

No doubt he would Lisa, he would just rename the mouse after one the wiccan gods, and the evil capitalist would be the mouser doer inners.

Peter, if it wasn't for capitalism, you would be living in a cave chanting glowtardian prayer songs to make it rain. You would probably like that, but it doesn't do a thing for me. If you want to do that Peter, no one is stopping you.

The glowtardians endeavour to bring back the feudal system, in all its gory glory, just doesn't turn my crank.

Mike said...

And please, don't give me that "I'm colour blind" bullshit that only rich and privileged people would dare say...

Mike, I think you prefer that argument, don't you?

What argument? That race is irrelevant when evaluating the intellectual or moral qualities of an individual? Uh, yeah. And I don't just prefer it, I'm convinced of it as an unquestioned extremist dogma.

By definition, *only a racist would say otherwise.*

Now that we are dealing with this stupid subject let's review. Peter, you are the one who brought up race out of nowhere. You're the one who posted links to racist sites, abusing our tolerance. You're the one who denudes the word "racist" of its meaning by using it as a synonym for "asshole".

Fundamentally, there's only one present who thinks race is important. That would be you.

Do you see what I see?

Elaine said...

Peter, it has nothing to do with race. Muslims come in every colour of the rainbow.

Peter, I have no problem with you embracing the oppression of islam. It is your choice,(the last one you will make, if you join that oppresive fucked up death cult), and if you want to live by their nutty rules, go for it.

You can do that, if it is not going to put my life or the lives of my loved ones in danger.

Just don't expect the rest of us to.

You want to go down on your hands and knees, stick your ass in the air five times a day, and pray to the supernatural, go for it. I don't agree with the total oppression of females, which is the basis on with the death cult of islam was built.

Females are considered non-persons in the muslim religion, and are forced to wear the rag of oppression, but I figure as the females are introduced to rights and freedoms in Canada, they will say fuck that soon enough. Some already have, and they are put on the islam death wish list.

What you can't do is force your silly religious death cult on us by using brutal force.

You can't fundraise for, or harbour terrorist here in Canada. I know some of the political parties get away with it, but it isn't right.

This guy, who thinks much like you got in a whack of trouble. You don't like our ways in Canada Peter, I suggest you get on the next boat to fucked up islamland.

I would inform you before you go, there is a reason not a thinking person on the planet would immigrate to there. I doubt if they even have an immigration wing of government.

Read this Peter, you might want to look it over before you do your terrorist supporting rally at Victoria Park this summer. Pass it on to the other terrorist supporters you hang with.,,70131-1273847,00.html

mariposa said...

Peter Pathetic never did comment on the posting here (the video itself). He only took the opportunity to name-call. Real mature!

Elaine said...

Peter, you coudln't help me could you? I want to lodge a complaint against the muslim death cult.

There is much evidence they want me and my kind dead. Not just because I am a woman with a 'tude', but because I think their religious death cult is fucked up, and I state it every chance I get.

I am not part of the lefty in crowd, so I don't know how to go about seeking a human rights tribunal in the star chamber.

I was going to go down to the Cross cultural learning hate crimes unit and lodge a complaint, but unless I can come up with some sort of a fantastic lie to get donations and government funding, I know I wouldn't be welcomed.