Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's Best Headline


Elaine said...

Talking about Jew-hating socialist,,,those London common folk are just so insulting.....stating the London fog folk put on a comedy act when they went to Chapters the other night.

Submitted by Rob Danter on July 24, 2007 - 2:57am.
for what it was, it went well. like anthony said we handed out literature to the passers by and engaged them in discussion when necessary. Many positive responses, a few notable negative ones. The foggies did their comedy act, the girl i'm guessing is "elaine" glared at us for a while and then they left. but i have to say, i'm pretty disappointed that two times a month, on a friday night at seven pm, we can't get more than 6 people out for one hour of the day. Maybe we should hold our pickets at the keaton?


The Jew-hateing socialist had 6 people out to protest Chapters on the night the new Harry Potter book was to be released, and they don't find that on the funny side of things.

Yeah the patrons of Chapters were probably thinking...what do I do? Do I go in to Chapters and buy a book or do I stand beside the Jew-hating socialist in support of their cause.

I suggest next time you advertise more. I am sure Vision-tv, or now known as Taliban-tv would give you free air time to get your message out.

Elaine said...

*hint*, *hint* oh London common Folk..... read the history books....changing the location is a good idea. If you want to recruit more Jew-hating socialist, it is best you go to the poorer sections of the city. It would be much easier for you to lie and convince the poor to blame the Jews for their misfortunes.

Nothing like a bunch of silver-spooned socialist to not have a clue how to incite hatred towards Jews using the lower-socioeconomic classes.

eng said...

You don't see pictures of the Hindenburg too often, complete with the swastika.

Usually they use the angle where you don't see that, like this

Little Tobacco said...

I stole the picture from google images by searching "nazi industry". The blog http://bcinto.blogspot.com had the image.