Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That's a s#$t load of scientists

Caroline Lucas, British MP and holder of a PhD in Literature, had the following to say on BBC:

" And it worries me enormously because if we don't have a population that really understands that 99.999% of international scientists do believe that climate change is happening and do believe that it's human caused..."

99.999%? That means 1 in 100,000, given that and the number of scientists who signed to Oregon petition (about 18,000), she's saying that there are 1,800,000,000 scientists on the planet, thats 1 scientist for every 3 people. Wow.

Thanks to Climate Resistance


Anonymous said...

Hi: In 2000, my brother, Harold Chatham, created a website and dubbed himself "Little Tobacco". The purpose of the website was to oppose Proposition 28 in California that imposed a 50 cent tax on a pack of cigarettes. He and I waged a campaign against this proposition (we lost by a landslide. Last Friday, my brother died at 67. I was looking to find memorabililia and searched "little tobacco" and found you. He posed under an umbrella smoking a cigarette. I know he would enjoy your website. (P.S. we did a genealogical search and an ancestor came to Canada from the U.S. after the revolutionary war with her two boys because her husband was a loyalist and was hanged for aiding another loyalist to go through Indian lands. He was a quaker. His name was Ralph Morden. Our ancestor in London, Ontario was our great-grandmother, Lucina Woodhull. Great to see your website. I'm one of those who is against pollution whether it's causing global warming or not. Loved reading your website. Carol Downer, cdowner@sbcglobal.net.

MapMaster said...

Thanks for your comment, Carol. It is good to hear from people who fight and have fought the good fight. God bless you, and may your brother rest in peace.

As a note to our readers, Little Tobacco also happens to be the pen name of one of our contributors. He is still very much alive.