Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sunfest 2007

It is Sunfest weekend! Everyone near London who likes music, merchants, or just plain milling about should do him or herself a favour and spend some time at this fun world music festival, to be held in Victoria Park this weekend.

My picks are the Tuvan Chirgilchin, who played Thursday night and will play Friday evening, and the Cape Verdean guitarist Tcheka, Saturday and Sunday. Consider his "Kre Ka Nha". Oh yes. But, those were just the ones who immediately grabbed me looking through a stack of the performers' CDs. There are dozens of wildly various groups performing on the three stages all day all weekend.

Londoners, don't watch Live Earth. Above all, don't go to that horrible climate change denial festival. (Do go to Mitchieville, but hurry back the next day for Tcheka.)

On days like this, the Ontario Arts Council symbol looks less like a hammer and sickle, and more like me wiping a tear from my eye with a red hankerchief at the sad thought that after Sunday the next Sunfest is a year away.