Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ruxted Group on Afghanistan

The Ruxted Group:

A few days ago The Ruxted Group provided a rather bleak assessment of the likely consequences of a precipitous (early 2009) Canadian withdrawal from combat operations in Afghanistan.

Today we offer a counterpoint: a catalogue of the ‘good news’ items which, we fear, are not sufficiently ‘newsworthy’ and, therefore, fail to make it on to our TV screens and, therefore, do not ‘inform’ Canadian public opinion. It is a long list but it barely scratches the surface.
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mariposa said...

Excellent article. I understand it's not easy for us to see fellow Canadians return in body bags, but if you talk to any soldiers who are there risking their lives, it's the same response - they know that Canadians are making a difference to the people of Afghanistan.

Taliban Jack and his kind just don't get it or are too selfish to see this. What's really needed is for the useless UN to make a real commitment, but I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

Elaine said...

The msm will never print what some of us already knew from having folks over there.

This must drive the liberals, ndp and msm right around the bend, that they have no control over the internet. hahahahahahah, those who control the information control the world is no longer valid.

The UN are just useles, too many barbaric rouge countries sitting around the table who do not have the best interest of their people as their focus.

Dick Richards said...

Why is it OK to spend our tax dollars on medical treatment and education and other projects over there, yet it is somehow offensive to do it here.
It's my money and I don't choose to help those less fortunate here nor those who live there; let the people of Afghanistan sort it out for themselves.

Elaine said...

I can see spending money over there. The main objective of much of the ME is to raise their children to kill us, we infidels.

Oppression, death and destruction are the foundations of islam. They know nothing else. It is best to get in there and teach the people there is a different way.