Sunday, July 1, 2007

Reflecting on Diversity on Canada Day Weekend

Fenris celebrates the "Racist Shithole" We Call Canada:

Reality is what I tell you it is. I could not have said it better myself. Any hypnotist knows that their job is to replace the source of sensations of reality. Our taxspenders believe the truths they are told And the New Truth leaves them hungry for more spending and more New Truth. All across this racist shithole that is Canada, our most valuable resource, children, sail through our education system on a cloud of feel goodiness. They never fail. From nursery school to grade school to high school to university they learn nothing, and they learn nothing well. Our illiterate linguists, talentless poets, and students of the useless, are never confronted with the negativity of being illiterate, tasteless, or useless. Instead they are celebrated with student grants and temp jobs in academia. Ultimately, and this is the beauty of our Politically Correct system, the swimming sperm of abilityless activists must become victims to get their hands on Comrade Gollum's precious: the tenured academic job, the disability pension, or the journalists computer.

This is the racist shithole that is Canada. Not enough money for activists; more and worse problems everyday; and a happy handout for those that make it more and worse, that make more money for activists.


Anonymous said...

because no one ever learnt anything in school. i usually enjoy the different point of view found on this website but this post is absolutely retarded. what does education have to do with racism. you fucking preachers need a smaller, more sensicle soap box.

Lisa said...


I'm certain Fenris will be thankful for your comment, which so clearly serves as a validation of his eloquently expressed thesis.