Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rationing the rationed

The US federal government has proposed raising taxes on cigarettes by as much as 156% and cigars by as much as 20,000%. In the name of the children, the state seeks to profit from your pleasure, without your consent.

As part of an increase in tobacco taxes designed to pay for children's health insurance, the nickel-per-cigar tax that has ruled the industry could rise to as much as $10 per cigar.

[..] Here's the source of the controversy: The Democrat controlled Congress has sought an extra $35-billion to $50-billion for the state children's health insurance program. The program distributes payments to the states to help buy coverage for kids not poor enough for Medicaid.

[..] The Bush administration may inadvertently come to the industry's aid. The president has vowed to veto the bill, not over the cigar provision but over objections to expanding federally financed health care for the non-indigent.
More evidence that Bush is evil! A typical trait Right-wing extremists display is a blatant disregard for their suffering counterparts. Until such time as the masses are deemed indigent, Obama and Hillary will remain only a menacing nightmare.

HT: The Agitator, Radley Balko

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