Saturday, July 21, 2007

Raising raising awareness awareness

Five adolescent boys from the west coast go on a parent-free skateboarding, camping and surfing lark across Vancouver Island and get away with it because they were raising awareness.

A group of five teenage boys from Hope, B.C. are traveling nearly 400 km on their long boards to raise awareness for global warming and promote going green.

Cody Kipp, 16, said their goal is to inspire other kids to think green. “We all hope to be positive role models for youth of this generation and for the next generation. Global warming is affecting us all and if kids get in the habit of going green than maybe we can save things,” said Kipp.

The boys, who call themselves the Team Rioters, left Hope July 10, and after four grueling days on their boards they managed to make it to Parksville.

Chris Roberts, 15, said the group’s original goal was to long board from Hope all the way to Tofino. “We had to stop our run in Parksville after we found out from a lot of people that the highway to Tofino was too dangerous and that boarders are not aloud to ride it,” said Roberts. The boys had no other choice than to pick up their boards and take a bus the rest of the way.

Kipp said it was probably a good thing they had to take the bus because they were starting to reach the point of exhaustion.
They were not aloud to ride it… maybe next time they could raise some spelling awareness. But for anyone who hadn't know it already, awareness that teen-age boys generally need haircuts and should not be listened to might at least have been raised.
The group is currently camping out in Tofino and enjoying some surf time, but come July 20 they will be taking the bus back to Parksville and then long boarding back to Hope.


Jay Jardine said...

What a poor effort! Longboard downhill into the Fraser Valley, hop the ferry and then wimp out once the population centres thin out.

Scared shitless of the bears no doubt.

Fenris Badwulf said...

Are you sure these are Greenshirt Youth? They do not reflect society. The photo you provided needs to be photoshopped to include Oppressed-Canadians.

Mike said...

I've zipped along that beautiful winding highway to Tofino. Skateboarders on there would likely end up making the world redder rather than greener.