Friday, July 13, 2007

Quote of the Day

Fenris Badwulf:

Activists, who reflect diversity of cultures, attitudes, and sexual preferences, think with one mind, and speak with one voice to tell a tale of tolerance, shouting down anyone who does not embrace acceptance.

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Elaine said...

Does anyone know if a glowtard activist gets paid more than a poor people activist?

I am thinking a glowtard activist must get paid big bucks, because the left have all switched over to crying for the earth. They are worse than paid mourners at a funeral the way they carry on.

I have been scanning the msm looking for poor people stories or causes, and there is nothing. A couple of questionable fundraisers for the orphans of hamass, but that is about it.

Did the left solve the problem of poverty in Canada, and I somehow missed it? Did the homeless all get homes?