Saturday, July 21, 2007

Outside the Law

FreeDominion's EntropySquared (context here):

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is a perfect example of something that shouldn’t be allowed to exist in a free society. Its primary function is to provide liberals with power they cannot legitimately wield. Dressed up as a part of the legal system, the Canadian Human Rights Commission operates completely outside of natural law, yet it has the power to impose its decisions upon Canadians (as individuals and as a people) as if its decisions were legislatively empowered. Every one of their decisions effectively ‘writes law’ as potent as legitimate laws passed in the House of Commons.

It is essential that people understand that the Canadian Human Rights Commission is entirely a political instrument. Its transparent window-dressing as an arm of the law is cosmetic only.

... As with all these standoffs between the CHRC and conservatives, much of the battle will be fought behind closed doors where few normal checks and balances apply. Playing on their field by their rules is a losing proposition, so we are going to take the battle to the people of Canada and beyond.

...It is apparent from the nature of the complaint, and the CRHC’s participation in its execution, that the goal is the silencing of Free Dominion. The only thing certain in all this is that that isn’t going to happen. The reason that I can say that with such certainty is the Canadian Human Rights Commission doesn’t have the power to silence Free Dominion.

The second part of this battle is going to be waged on the internet and in other media and the real judges will be the people of Canada, and beyond, who we will treat to a grand tour of the CHRC. The CHRC wields total power behind closed doors, but they wield none in the marketplace of ideas provided by the internet, and that’s where we will fight the second war.


Bruce Gottfred said...

I wish them luck, but I think it's going to be difficult getting the country's attention. Let's face it, most people get their info from the CBC/Globe/Star/CTV behemoth, and they're just not going to care. "CHRC shutting down a website? They must have had a good reason."

(Hey, is that Warlock? I miss that guy. When's his movie coming out?)

Thucydides said...

Since the State has the ultimate power through the monopoly of force, there is little the owners and writers of Free Dominion can do. As Bruce points out so eloquently, most people will never hear of Free Dominion, or if they do it will be through MSM outlets like the CBC (and you can already imagine how that will come out).

I believe they will simply use the unlimited resources of the State to harrass Free Dominion out of existence as an object lesson to you, dear reader.

While you can and should mobilize public opinion and write your MP to try and disband abominations like thge CHRC, as a practical matter starting new blogs hosted in foreign countries and posting through "Zero Knowledge" or other anonymizer software may be the safest route in the long term.

Mike said...

Sorry, I ain't know too much about comic books :-)

You may be right Bruce, but we have to do whatever is in our power to push back and embarrass these goons. I am sensing there's a resonance with this thing, that the Human Rights Commission picked the wrong target. They will be mocked and torn apart online in the Canadian blogosphere (and certainly, here!) and in the States. Something viral will happen. Look at how much play the little Avi Lewis/Hirsi Ali chat got in the States. Talk radio hosts would LOVE to report on Socialist Canada using an unaccountable tribunal to prosecute conservatives. FreeRepublic is very popular in the States and FreeDominion is seen by many as the sister site.

The more people understand what the sweetly-named Human Rights Commission is, the less room there will be for its continued existence.

As a side note of hope, there is still some vestigial resonance with the oldthink definition of freedom of speech to be found on the collectivist side of the internet too. I had a chat this weekend with one of the owners of a local leftist site who brought this issue up, concerned that the CHRC could do such a thing and expressing the willingness to call bullshit on it on their site.

Then I remember that as a young leftist-by-default on the turn, it was my conviction on the matter of freedom of speech and civil disobedience of thoughtcrime law, generalized, that led me to see where right wing extremist arch-conservative classical liberals were coming from.

We may never know the particulars but this thing will open minds.

Bruce Gottfred said...

I'm not saying it's a lost cause, but sounding too triumphalist is not a good idea. When the facts come out I'll post about it on my blog and inform both my readers about it.