Friday, July 20, 2007

Obama Barack explains criminality to a crowd of worshipers

Next time you have reason to contemplate the "epidemic of violence" that is dividing the US, and by extension, the rest of the planet, reach deep within yourself and your wallet and ask yourself who the true victim really is. If you are self-interested and narrowminded enough to blame the perpetrator of the crime, consult Obama:

"We need to express our collective anger through collective action." He called for a ban on assault weapons and revisions to regulations which allow unscrupulous firearms dealers to fuel the flames by selling weapons to those who should not be able to purchase them. He called more public funds for after school programs offering alternatives to kids who have entered into the culture of violence that has been unleashed on our urban streets. He challenged parents to take more responsibility, along with the community, for the “at risk” children in their homes and to join together to reach out to the whole community.

[..] "There's a reason they go out and shoot each other, because they don't love themselves. And the reason they don't love themselves is because we are not loving them enough."
You may be a victim of a victimless crime. Fenris and his telemarketers are available, 24 hours a day, thanks to your generous donations to Set, The Snake God. Dial 666 to see if you qualify for benefits.

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Elaine said...

Left and logic just don't mix.

Do you suppose if Pizza man had of reached over and hugged the thug instead of shooting him, the thug would have dropped his gun?