Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Michael Moore declares himself God

Sicko maker Michael Moore demands an apology, promotes medication for all at the expense of someone else and proves why he really shouldn't appear live. CNN interviewer Wolf Blitzer doesn't fare much better. Pathetic.

Ht: Let Freedom Reign


Jake said...

You should have seen Larry King last night when Micheal Moore and Dr. Sanjay Gupta were debating the errors of Sicko. Moore basically cherry picks the facts and about the Canadian, French, and UK heath systems to make them look superior to the US system.

Moore states that Canada's heath system is "free". I guess all of those income and sales taxes we pay to maintain our socialist system is just a "donation".

basil said...

CNN vs Micheal Moore: Douche vs Turd.

John Nicklin said...

Come on Jake, you know our health care system is free. Its free from access in a timely manner, free from treatment, free from quick treatment in emergency rooms. Need I go on?

Patrick Ross said...

Michael Moore is such an ass. He's brought on CNN to talk about Sicko, but he only wants to talk about the War in Iraq, and talk over his host the entire time.

Wolf should have just kicked him off his show halfway through the interview. The same should happen to Ann Coulter, just as often.