Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Hypocrisy takes the stage"

Al Gore's reported plan to plunge Britain into darkness to raise awareness and offset carbon omissions caused by Live Earth did not occur, but that did not stop wealthy rock stars from burning more than their fair share of hot air and carbon.

Lorne Gunter writes on the disaster that was Live Earth:

I have some sympathy for the concert organizers who, when confronted with inconvenient truths -- such as the fact that performers flew more than 400,000 carbon-belching kilometres to the various venues for a single day of performances -- gave a sort of you-have-to-break-some-eggs-to-make-omelettes response.

What I have real trouble with is preachy (and ill-informed) celebrities exhorting the rest of us to live like ecomonks in unlit, unheated sod hovels while they live the high life burning through more carbon-based fuels in a week than a platoon of army Humvees in a year.

[..] To limit energy use, Live Earth organizers implemented "green event guidelines," including only using electricity from renewable resources (as if it were possible to separate out renewable and non-renewable electricity as it comes off the power lines), using LED lights as part of production lighting (the operative term being "part of." Don't worry, no high-powered spots went without work during Live Earth). Staff and artist air travel was offset by buying carbon credits (which stops no emissions, but merely appeases the consciences of those doing the travelling), minimizing waste through recycling and reuse and using hybrid or high-efficiency cars for ground travel when possible. (Of course, it's not possible to use them for stars who insist on SUV limos to carry them to their save-the-planet gigs.)

If you want to know what I'm doing for the environment, I've pledged myself not to live like a "green" celebrity.

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Musician, heal thyself.