Monday, July 23, 2007

Human Rights Thoughtcrime -- Revealed!

Spoiler Alert! You are about to see how the free croissants and coffee get to the Human Rights Commissars' tables. As you may know, FreeDominion is under thoughtcrime-watch by that organ of extrajudicial reprisal under colour of law known as the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

We've finally learned which words attacked the complainant. It's still not clear what terrible damage they did to the poor fragile thing, but it must have been pretty awful if it made her want to sic the Ministry of Love on people.

OK, here they come. Be warned that I can't help it if these quotes, reproduced from FreeDominion, should violently jump off the monitor at you and violate your human rights or your chi flow or your groovy mood or whatever.

03/09/06 "To see the original hitting Edmonton mailboxes tonight. (warning disturbing but necessary photo) "

04/24/06 "I can't figure out why the homosexuals I ran into are on the side of the Muslims. After all, Muslims who practice Sharia law tend to advocate beheading homosexuals."

03/09/06 "I defy Islamic censorship and speak about what I believe is the truth about violent Islamism and its threat to religious liberty in Canada."

These she added with no accreditation, but she doesn't seem to be attributing them to Whatcott:

"How many of us pay nothing but lip service to the Muslim threat here in Canada?"
"Probably everyone want to jail a Muslim."
"I have to ask why we are importing them here?"
"Islamic fundamentalism and its threat to Canada's religious and civil liberties."
That's it?! That gets you a letter from the Human Rights Commission?! Linking is risky now?

The degree to which you may sympathize with or object to any of these sentiments is irrelevant, they are ideas, to be refuted where necessary in a spirit of tolerance and diversity. Responding to these ideas with force, instead of other ideas, is thuggery.

So, now that these forbidden sequences of words and one devil-spawn'd HREF are here, and here, and here, not to mention here and here, and hopefully on all liberty-loving Canadian blogs within the next few days -- where's our summons?

Hear Michael Coren interview FreeDominion webmaster Connie Wilkins about this increasingly ridiculous situation. The host of that MP3 is a bit dodgy, so I've rehosted BlueWave's file here.

As Kathy puts it,
One way to fight this is for all of us to post Whatcott's "offending" remarks on our blogs right now, just like I did. Do the "I'm Spartacus" thing -- they can't sue us all.
What do you think, Jeremy?

Update: Breakenridge interviewing FreeDominion's proprietor, this evening.


Mark Fournier (Entropy Squared) said...

United we stand. Thank you for keeping our six.

Elaine said...

You are such a comedian Mike

I think you might as well forget the London commons to support freedom of speech. I am surprised they haven't sussed out bringing the London fog before the Ontario human rights commission.

Mike said...

Wait and see, Elaine. I had a brief chat with Jeremy; I was a little drunk, but I definitely sensed a resonance with oldthink ideas about freedom of speech. I hope he feels even stronger about that now that the triviality of the complaint is clear to all.

Anyways, whatever small risk I've taken by reposting those sentences is nothing compared to what goes on day in and day out on LondonCommons and Indymedia.

I think that if they believe in what generally gets posted there, that it would take way more guts to stand up to death-squad-wielding American corporations, not to mention Israel, than it would to call bullshit on harassment and persecution of dissidents in one's own province. In comparison it is nothing to help out in a tiny way by saying "I am Spartacus." Exxon-Mobil must be way scarier than the CHRC.

Every day, they dare to make mean jokes about George W. Bush, the fascist emperor, IN PUBLIC. Then, they are able to sleep fearlessly -- fearlessly, mark you -- at night.

Nobody will be killed over this CHRC matter. No one will be murdered to protect corporate profits, nor for anything else. It is nothing, and you don't even need to wear a bandanna over your face.

Anyways, I will still be super impressed if these quotes appear at LondonCommons.

Elaine said...

Well don't be holding your breathe. They have painted themselves into the corner of 'not allowed to think, liberal ideaolgy.'

It has much to do with their ages, and thier co-dependency on their peer group. Individual thought scares the bejesus out of them. Much easier to run in a pack, and have someone else do the thinking for you.

They take their freedoms for granted, and believe they will always just be there. They have no clue how they came to be. They have never been called upon to muster up strength and courage, so they have no idea what it is.