Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hate crimes cause global warming

The shallow, fascionable notion of "hate crime" just keeps getting more and more embarrassing for its adherents. There's no shortage of nuance and exceptions for one to invent as one goes along. Watch the lip service paid to this incoherent concept -- even though no one can agree on what it is supposed to signify or what qualifies, beyond a certain vague solidarity with this month's fashions in victimology and oppressor theory.

The law having abandoned the simple and fair notion of equal protection and punishment, a rational person will then use the law to make sure that his -- to use the duckspeak word -- "group" -- comes out on the left-hand side of the > sign. The confusion (mistaken for "complexity" by the confused and the confusing) introduced by the anti-concept of "hate crime" helps accelerate the unraveling of the rule of law. That's what it's for.

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Elaine said...

Why they would even prosecute him for this is beyond me. Make him buy the University a couple of more crackan books and be done with it.

I was thinking that evil little bastard Immerson was caught, (and too bad he didn't put up a struggle), and I wonder how they will prosecute him.

One of the people he murdered was a bartendar in a gay bar. There is a chance the victim was gay. Not that you have to be gay to work in a gay bar, or maybe you do, but the probablity is higher that the bartendar was gay.

Usually the killing of a gay person by a hetro, is considered a hate crime, and the penalty therefore stiffer.

The killing of the two older hetro's would be just considered your run of the mill murder, and given less status in the courts.

I am persuming they were hetro's because they were married to each other, and of the opposite gender.

If Immerson was gay,and he killed a gay person, would that still be considered a hate crime?

If a gay peson murders a hetro is that considered a hate crime?

I myself have came to the conclusion that any murder should be considered a hate crime.