Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good news for municipalities…

…but bad news for the people who live there. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation reports that local politicians might someday have more screws in their revenue arsenal:

… a provincial report will come out in February recommending that ALL Ontario municipalities will get new taxing powers.
Like Toronto's… Ontario municipalities are fortunate to be administered under a provincial government that defers entirely to the revenue problem of taxes instead of on spending — how would London city council manage if it were in Florida?

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Jake said...

The Killer B's on council are likely salivating at getting more taxing powers. You'll see these socialists claim that the revenues will be used to eliminate some red herring such as "the infrastructure deficit", " the fiscal imbalance" or "the transit deficit".

We all know that it will just be a green light for more inflationary spending and pork barrel projects like a performing arts centre and more metal trees.