Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Fuck Bush! Fuck Harper! And Fuck the London Fog!!"

Our intrepid downtown correspondent made the trip to the London Indymedia Unplugged open mic contest last night at the Alex P. Keaton. There was a packed crowd when I arrived and lots of talent in a variety of genres to enjoy.

It was the live London debut of both Hippy Sympathizer and Frank le Fou, and they were welcomed with some well received hostility. HS really warmed up the crowd with "Abu Grave", "Gun Registry Officer", and nearly brought the house down on his own head with "David Suzuki is a Fascist", in his first set.

Amidst the calls for retribution Frank took the guitar from Hippy and did a quick rendition of "Pot Hole City" followed by "3% & Rising". Surprisingly, given the initial reaction, they each got to play another song in the final run off. It was difficult to follow up Hippy's rendition of "Right Wing Extremist" but Frank endured the slings and arrows of verbal abuse (or was that audience member seriously offering fellatio?) still flying after HS' last song, and played "Downtown London What a Mess".

Commenter Anthony V at London Indymedia writes

"Fuck Bush! Fuck Harper! And Fuck the London Fog!!", Testament screamed out to open his set, after sets by a couple of contributors to the London Fog right wing blog site. 'Frank' and 'the Hippie Sympathyzer' did place 9th and 10th respectfully, with such numbers as,"David Suzuki is a Fascist", and "Downtown London is a Mess".
And a great time was had by all!


Mike said...

There was also a hilarious "Fuck Olmert" in there, and probably a word or two about the racist warmonger Neville Chamberlain.

I was impressed by how nice the organizers/MCs were considering the inherent groupthink of the proceedings. Good for them!

Still, I was subjected to racial abuse after the show. I was buttonholed by some well-programmed young people who, as happens disturbingly often, immediately began to talk about my white skin and its implications on my character. Huh?!

What is it with these cultists? The people who are training them should be ashamed of themselves. It's like cartoon Christians bothering strangers on street corners about original sin. "The fact that you don't believe in original sin only proves how originally sinful you are!"

The hypocrisy of "all whites are racist" is immediately obvious to anyone with a clear mind and an understanding of predicates and the English Language. If you find yourself seriously contemplating such ideas then, please, the best way for you to change the world is to put down books forever, pick a nice team or two to watch, and get heavily into televised sports.

It's pretty funny to be called an ignorant racist by a 21 year old because of my Aryan features.

Theie souls are food for Fenris Badwulf. I weep.

Robert Nozick said...

All whites aren't racist (how easy it is to make yourself look good by paraphrasing heavily!). But in western culture, whites are, on average, privileged, especially economically. since you aren't a racist, maybe you should join these ignorant hippies in fighting the causes of these inherant biases in our society!

Fenris Badwulf said...

sorry Rob, a vast number of activists assert that 'all whites are racists'. Go argue with them. Your comforting words are appreciated, but addressed to the wrong audience. I dare you.

Bruce Gottfred said...

Sounds like it was a great time. It was brave of you to face the hatred. I still labour to put the stunning videos of Mike belting out his songs to YouTube. I will let you know.

Mike said...

Rob, if I omitted any important context, then by all means this is the place to correct me!

Moreover, do you really, really, really miss the doublethink in your comment? Can you not see that "whites are privileged" is a racist notion?

You are ascribing supposed, cherrypicked statistical properties of a group to individuals. How is that not racist? Isn't that the core of racism?

Would it be racist to treat a "black" as a criminal on the basis of statistics? I don't think you would defend that. Can you really not see how equally retarded and racist it is to talk about so-called whites in the same manner? We "whites" are just people too.

Forget what your professors told you and look in your heart.

Mike said...

Thanks, Bruce!

Great to see you at the feast; I hope it isn't another year 'til next time.

Anonymous said...

you should see how London Indy Media and the London Commons are going at each other this week, good stuff...


MapMaster said...

So many ways to run the world, so few internet forums…